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In line with our release of the iPhone 11 Pro Tough Case we also will have our new waterproof, dustproof and shockproof case for the Samsung Galaxy S10e available.

The Phone

Samsung Galaxy S10E waterproof smartphone case motorcycle

Like many phones on the market Samsung chooses a suffix to denote the specification of their range of Galaxy smartphones. The Samsung Galaxy S10e stands for 'essential', which means you get many of the useful features of  the S10 and S10 Plus but some of the more luxury and extra features have been removed and thus the price is lower.

Let's look at the current UK prices for the S10 Range of smartphones. First off our Samsung Galaxy S10e is listed for £669.99 over on Carphone Warehouse. That is £30 less than the standard S10 and a whopping £210 less than the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus which comes in at £879.99.

You are going to pay less money for the Samsung Galaxy S10e so what are you missing out on that may be found in the higher models? Well for starters the 5.8 inch screen is lower resolution (although still great), You get two cameras instead of the three so no telephoto lens and you also don't get in screen fingerprint reading.

You do however get a smaller handset which is perfect for one handed use and the chipset is by far and above fast enough to keep up with any flagship phone for the next couple of years. The 16 megapixel main camera is still an excellent camera and shoots stunning photos and video so you are not really missing out on too much regarding the missing telephoto lens.

What is great about the S10e is that as the high end smartphones from Apple and Samsung seem to be getting bigger the S10e has been reduced in size next to it’s brethren but it still crams in all the features you need in day to day life. It is almost like the S10e is showing a glimpse of the future as we expect smartphones to reverse and get smaller as the trends change. Let's be honest, Who wants to try and get a 7 inch smartphone in their pocket?

The Specs

Weight: 150g
Dimensions: 142.2 x 69.9 x 7.9mm
OS: Android 9
Screen size: 5.8-inch
Resolution: 1080 x 2280
CPU: Octa-core chipset
RAM: 6/8GB
Storage: 128/256GB
Battery: 3,100mAh
Rear camera: 16MP + 12MP
Front camera: 10MP

Why use your Samsung Galaxy S10e on your motorcycle?

There are many great reasons why you should be using your Samsung Galaxy S10e on your motorcycle but many people are wary as they think their phone is vulnerable to rain and getting dropped. But it need not be the case as our smartphone navigation system keeps your phone safe from the weather and safely attached to exactly where you want it, Either on your handlebars, On the Mirror stem or on your dashboard. This means you have the perfect tool to use the most up to date smartphone navigation apps on your Galaxy S10e which outperform standard navigation systems in all tests as well as not have to pay for the expensive map updates! Modern smartphone navigation apps give precise, turn by turn navigation while also re-routing and alerting you to traffic and closed roads. They also work smoothly and efficiently and the best part? Most of them are free!
It's not all about navigation and as you will want to have your Blutooth motorcycle headset paired with your phone you have quick and easy access to your call list as well as your music playlists and apps like Spotify. At Ultimateaddons we have an attachment system to fit any motorcycle.

Ultimateaddons Smartphone case for Samsung Galaxy S10e

Samsung Galaxy S10e motorcycle smartphone case

Now at Ultimateaddons we understand that even a budget friendly smartphone such as the Samsung Galaxy S10e is a large chunk of cash for most people to spend and therefore should something happen to it such as a drop, or water damage it is a big problem to replace. Especially with how picky Insurance companies are these days as well as their overpriced Insurance excesses. That's why we have designed our Samsung Galaxy S10e Tough case to meet the extreme requirements of the IPX5 rating. With our rugged smartphone cases you get waterproof, dustproof and of extreme importance on a motorcycle, Shockproof protection for your expensive smartphone.

Modern smartphones such as the flagship iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S10 can have up to five individual cameras. Due to the delicate nature of camera systems and of course the new optical image stabilization available it is extremely easy to damage these through high frequency vibration. Unfortunately for motorcyclists this is the exact same frequency as motorcycle engines make as well as the vibration from travelling along the road. Our shockproof Galaxy S10e motorcycle smartphone tough case features a specially formulated vibration dampening silicon insert that is custom moulded to the specific smartphone model and protects the sensitive cameras of your expensive smartphone. It also protects fragile areas like the screen in harsh impacts such as dropping or falling from your motorcycle. As off road riders know, falling off your bike can be a daily occurence out on the trails so If you choose the Ultimateaddons tough case for your Samsung Galaxy S10e you can be sure your handset will be protected no matter what you can throw at it!

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